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VERY IMPORTANT: Please Attend the Eversource Substation Open House this Tuesday, Jan 14!

Obviously, we Eagle Hill residents are vehemently opposed to Eversource's plans to locate an unnecessary, ugly and potentially very dangerous substation in our neighborhood. Alas, the Mayor made a deal that the City would not get in Eversource's way, so despite the strong opposition, and contrary to all good sense, it may happen. If that is the case, we, as a community, should at least make our voices heard in terms of the design and hopefully get some beautification funding as mitigation.

I urge everyone to PLEASE attend

Eversource's "Aesthetic Design Open House"

Tuesday, January 14 at the High School between 5:30 - 7:30.

Neither Eversource nor the City seem to be doing much to publicize this event, but we're hoping to spread the word through the community to get folks out to have their say. If we can't stop this thing, the beautification crew would at least like to see an appealing architectural design, LOTS of trees and landscaping around the building and adjacent police station, and can we PLEASE (!!!) bury the hideous power lines that make our streets look like a third world country?!

If you have questions or want additional info on the substation meeting or just generally, you can reach out to Eversource at 800.793.2202 or

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