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UPDATED: New location for meeting on Wednesday, October 9 at 7 pm

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Kelley's has booked the entire back room Wed night, so meeting will now be at Jim's and my house instead -- 39 Princeton Street. We'll get some pizzas and beer/wine, so please RSVP to if you plan to attend so we know how much to get.

Also slightly updating the agenda here...

INTRODUCTIONS / new attendees


  • Julie: October 26 clean up

  • Matt: Daffodil planting

  • Lara: Street trees, Plan: East Boston


Developer check-list:

  • Review of draft presented to the EHCA Board

  • Board feedback / Should we have different standards depending on size of the project?

  • Carl feedback / Can we require developers to strip buildings down to original siding and rebuild according to original features revealed? How do we hold them accountable?

  • Colleen feedback / We should provide some context in terms of our / EHCA's goals & priorities

  • Let’s get an updated version of checklist to Board for their next meeting so we can finalize & move forward

EHCA developer proposals:

  • What happens if we vote down a project? / How much do our votes actually make a difference

  • When, if ever, should we go further? (Apply for landmark status, etc.)We need a developer database & more info in advance of meetings

  • We need a system for holding developers accountable

(On a slight tangent but definitely related, if you haven't checked out Lydia Edward's proposed overhaul of the ZBA and Michelle Wu's plan to abolish the BPDA, they're both very interesting)


  • Plan for CPA funds request in spring 2020

  • Spring collaboration with Speak for the Trees

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