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Next meeting: Wednesday, Nov 6, 7 pm

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Our next beautification meeting will be this coming Wednesday, November 6, starting at 7 pm. We'll be meeting in the back room at Kelley Square Pub, and FYI for any first timers, we generally get a few pizzas since many people are coming straight from work.


INTRODUCTIONS / new attendees


  • Matt: Daffodil planting report

  • Lara: New hokey & trash bin location requests

  • Lara: meeting with developer seeking to raze 100 & 104 Lexington Street

  • Lara: new collaboration for increasing our tree canopy


  • – Dereck Edwards will introduce his website for adopting a block for litter clean up

  • Saving Eagle Hill homes from developer demolition – Lara & Carl will discuss ideas for working with Boston Landmarks Commission & BPDA

  • Developer check-list status – can we/should we go further? We need to start tracking developer requests and those selling off “BPDA approved” projects.


  • Plan for CPA funds request in spring 2020 – doing something with Prescott Square Park former sandpit, more brick sidewalks

  • Spring collaboration with Speak for the Trees

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