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Next Meeting: Wed, Sep 11, 7 pm

Please join us for our first fall meeting after the summer hiatus -- we'll be in the back room at Kelley Square Pub at 7 pm -- we usually do drinks and pizza since many folks coming straight from work. Here's what's on the agenda:

INTRODUCTIONS / new attendees


  • Ryan: Walgreens landscaping

  • Matt & Jess: Eastie Pride Day

  • Lara: meetings with Carl Paleologos (developer/property owner), Jay Ruggiero (Plan: East Boston) and Natalia Urtuby (Director of Small Business Development), brief presentation to Central/Maverick Neighborhood Association, call with Lenni Armstrong (founder of a grassroots depaving group in Somerville)


  • How are new street trees faring?

  • Status of Central Square park trees

  • Summer street work / digging – let’s make sure City repaves roads & fixes sidewalks – no asphalt fillers!

  • Powerlines – do you have low-hanging lines on your block?

  • Developer check-list – draft ready for presentation to EHCA board / need to schedule meetings with attorneys

  • Letter to new homeowners – drafts in progress / how will we implement (e.g., quarterly, biannually) and how fund printing & postage?

  • CPA funds application: quick deadline on 9/27; next chance spring 2020?

  • Let's get some Daffodils for Eagle Hill -- where can we plant them?

  • Do we want to do a clean up, depaving party, other neighborhood initiative this fall?

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