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The Beautification Committee started when a group of Eagle Hill residents got together in January 2019 to brainstorm ideas about ways to make our neighborhood a little more beautiful. Specifically, we wanted to figure out how to increase our tree canopy and decrease the amount of litter on the streets and sidewalks, and in the parks.


Our initial brainstorm ranged from longer-term, grander plans such as educational campaigns about the benefits of street trees to more modest quick-fixes such as all of us using the CIty's 311 app to report litter when we see it. Perhaps the most important thing to come out of that first meeting was a recognition that we're not in this alone, and that there's a lot of enthusiasm for making our neighborhood a better place to live.

We weren't sure what form our group should take, how much time folks would be willing to commit and what our initial goals should be, and to some extent all that is still evolving. However, we did decide that it made sense for us to be a committee of the Eagle Hill Civic Association, so that we could benefit from its experience, recognition and 5013(c) status.


We are also very engaged with the City and other organizations with similar goals -- as much as we can, we plan to collaborate to increase the benefit for all. We know there's a lot of work to do, but we believe that even small steps can yield big results, and that block-by-block, we can build a more beautiful Eagle Hill.

Neighbors working for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Eagle Hill.


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